Micah Morton

Micah Morton

Micah Morton is a food stylist, recipe developer, and California native. She currently lives in Brooklyn with her family. Micah isn’t sure exactly when she discovered that her cold hands could make great biscuits. Though it was probably around the time she stood on a stool and made pancakes with her mom. She came to food styling following her time as a professional modern dancer. After a number of years dancing, she found her way back to her earliest passion--cooking.

After Micah moved to New York City, she convinced Magnolia Bakery to hire her, and quickly rose to become head baker. Shortly after, at the prompting of a seasoned Prop Stylist who noticed Micah’s talent, she began to apprentice with top tier food stylists, soon realizing that food styling was the perfect fit for her skill set and sunny California personality. For Micah, styling is this amazing cross section where food and art meet. It’s where you can take dish and you can manipulate the light, color, and composition--creating something for the camera that looks beautiful (and delicious)!

Micah is riding the wave, writing recipes for major brands and styling for advertising campaigns, editorial stories, and cookbooks. Micah has also recently reignited her passion for performing by hosting food segments as a TV personality and starring in commercials for major food companies.

Selected clients:

Smirnoff, Walmart, Dole, Aperol, Splenda, Every Day Rachael Ray, GQ, Cosmopolitan, Delish, Time Inc. Publishing, & Rizzoli Books.