The Solar System in Food by Photographer Evi Abeler

  Towards the end of 2018, photographer Evi Abeler came to us with an awesome idea: she and her frequent collaborator, food stylist Kristin Stangl were going to use food to represent the Solar System. They took some time to research each planet and the sun. From there, they used food and cooking techniques to capture characteristics like temperature, topography, and atmosphere. They showed the sun as a golden disc of caramelized sugar. Venus, with it's volcanic landscape and average temperature of more than 800°F, as a Croque Madame topped with a lava stream made of egg yolk. Earth as an arrangement of salt-baked fish and lettuces to depict its surface of water and land. We love the way that this project turned out! Check out the planets below. To see more of Evi's work, take a look at her website or give her a follow on Instagram!