Arigatogozaimasu | Thank you

Photographer Ian Hanson recently traveled to Japan and documented his experiences and the friendships he made along the way on the new iPhone 11 Pro. We are so inspired by what he shared with us!


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This is Tomiya Shimogowa, father of @shimogawakyozo, a third generation Kasuri master. They dye and weave fabric by traditional methods, on over 100 year old Toyota looms in Yame, Fukuoka.


A shop owner and her store front in Name, Fukuoka.
Middle: The hallway leading into James Turrell's 'Backside of the Moon' housed in Minamidera, designed by architect Ando Tadao, located on Naoshima.


The Oval sits above the Benese House on Naoshima, and was designed by Tadao Ando. Rooms look outward with an expansive view of the Inland Sea.


Left: Girls look out from �Love in Shodoshima� by Taiwanese artist Wang Wen-chih. Another piece that was included in the Setouchi Triennale, one of Japan�s biggest art festivals.
Middle: Taiko drummer from the Sepukku Pistols performing over the rice fields on Teshima.
Right: Women at a train station.


Parker, a barista from @waldenwoodskyoto / interior
Right: Teshima Museum Cafe workers